We have girls waiting in the wing. So keep checking to see who wins out.


Vanir Quazar of Katpenn
Black and white
born: September 30, 2007
Sire: Vanir Moonshadow
Dam: Lostwoods Blue Moon Rising of Vanir

Oklahomacats Agar of Katpenn (pictures soon to come)
Blue mackerel tabby and white
born: August, 9 2014
Sire: Oklahomacats Tycho Brahe
Dam: Vanir Rachel Maddow of OklahomaCats



GP, RW, SGCA Katpenn Sirius
Brown mackerel tabby with white
born July 20, 2005
Sire: RW, SGC Katpenn Starfire
Dam: Mycoon Alnilam of Katpenn

2006-2007 TICA
South Central region: 4th best Alter
International: Best Norwegian Forest Cat Alter

2007-2008 CFA
Gulf Shore Region: 5th best in Premiership
National: 3rd best Norwegian Forest Cat in Premiership


Katpenn Isis
Brown mackerel tabby with white
born August 17, 2007
Sire: Oklahomacats Timotie
Dam: Katpenn Isadora

She was on the cover and the centerfold
of the December 2008 Cat Fancy Magazine.

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